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Red Dawn


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the so called "Red Dawn" guns- how many were there, what were they etc. There have been misrepresentations and outright forgeries regarding these guns. When LMO performed the Stembridge Gun Rentals Inc inventory and appraisal in 1998, these were the weapons identified by the gun handlers that worked on the movie as being used in that movie. This included a certificate from Syd Stembridge, President of SGR Inc, stating that movie use. All told there were just about 1000 NFA items, approximately 500 "Assault Weapons", and over 9,000 Title 1 firearms. J.R. "Lash" LaRue, my old and respected friend, was called in to handle the Title I section of the appraisal.

 At the time of the movie "Red Dawn", there were few semi auto AK style firearms in the United States. The relatively expensive Egyptian Maadi and Finnish Valmet variants were about the only choice for conversion. Class 2 manufacturer Marty Pearl at Pearl Manufacturing supplied the registered conversion work on all of these guns. The exteriors were roughed up on purpose, and the barrels had a blank restrictor under the flash hider. Internals were pretty good, but blanks do wear barrels differently, and these machine guns were tossed around. They were also used on countless other movies and television shows, but no one took the time to document them for this appraisal and sale.

 The first number is the LMO Inventory number assigned during the appraisal. Next is the manufacturer, then model followed by the serial numbers. The notation "Robert's gun" signifies that these two rifles had the knife marks that the character "Robert" put on the stocks, and his name carved in as well, and were identified by the gun handlers at SGR INC as having been "Robert's Gun". All movie uses have two guns, a primary and a back up. The movie can not be stalled while a gun handler tries to fix a malfunctioning firearm. One was purchased and kept by LMO (S001190) because my son Kyle found it and was totally attached to it, the other was purchased by Dave xxxxxx. "Krinkov" means that it is known to have been rebuilt to "Krinkov" configuration by a later purchaser.

Total of 32 "Red Dawn" AKM Machine Guns

N177       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001003

N178       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001966

N179       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000298

N180       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001190    "Robert's Gun"

N181       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001717

N182       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001577

N183       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001783

N184       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001895

N185       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001683

N186       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000689

N187       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001567

N188       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000687

N189       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001712     "Krinkov"

N190       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000455

N191       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000178

N192       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001189

N193       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001484

N198       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000603

N210       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000436

N226       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000276

N227       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000605

N228       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001563

N229       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000121

N230       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001714

N231       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000642

N234       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001660

N235       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001645

N236       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S000195

N237       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001307

N314       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001322

N315       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001249  "Robert's Gun"

N316       Pearl Mfg/ Maadi       AKM           S001650

Valmet M78 "Red Dawn" Machine Guns, Total of 2

The following two full auto M78 Valmets, fully transferable, in 7.62x39mm were used in "Red Dawn" with original "Club" stocks, as well as "Commando" with the Dragunov style stock. The Semi auto was in the movie poster, and in some shots on the film.

N386      Pearl Mfg Valmet          M78 VALMET           157423. PMC   

N387      Pearl Mfg Valmet          M78 VALMET           157424. PMC

Semi-Auto "Red Dawn" Maadi AKMs, Total of 21 rifles

The first number is the LMO Inventory number from the 1998 Appraisal at SGR Inc. Maadi is the manufacturer, all were AKM semi autos, full stock version. Outside surface was roughed up, blank restrictor placed under the flash hider, not a threaded bore. These are all "Pre 1994 Assault Rifles" and are grandfathered to buy and sell wherever legal. All were in 7.62x39mm. All were sold with one painted (Factory original) 30 round magazine.

4855             Maadi           AKM   S000350

4856             Maadi           AKM    S000322

4857            Maadi           AKM    S001978

4858            Maadi           AKM    S001586

4859            Maadi           AKM    S000800

4860            Maadi            AKM    S001050

4861            Maadi            AKM    S001215

4862            Maadi           AKM    S001688

4863            Maadi           AKM    S001248

4864            Maadi            AKM    S001102

4865            Maadi           AKM    S001220

4866            Maadi           AKM    S001845

4867            Maadi           AKM    S001091

4868            Maadi            AKM    S001202

4869            Maadi            AKM    S001012

4870            Maadi            AKM    S001402

4871            Maadi           AKM    S001768

4872            Maadi           AKM   S001246

4873            Maadi           AKM    S001547

4874            Maadi           AKM    S001625

4875            Maadi           AKM    S001590