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Pierce Brosnan's Guns

The weapons of James Bond and Jinx.

Firearms supplier on Die Another Day was Bapty UK; Jos Skottowe was the main handler and about five of Bapty's own handlers worked on the set as well.

Pierce Brosnan used a Walther P99 with a fake suppressor and custom leather holster. There were ten of these guns used on set, all are in the same serial number range. Serial #B8041837, B8041841, B8041852, B8041854, B8041861, B8041868.


Recorded as Brosnan's gun on this movie, with the Walther Laser Module, is this Walther P99, serial #V1667.


The OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) was not something available for movie use, since only first level production had been done on the project by the prime military contractors. The wizards at Bapty had to come up with some very unusual modifications to create a believable OICW.

Two OICWs were made for the movie. The primary one was built on a G36 with a prop shell. A selector switch was made to mechanically change the single trigger on the G36 to function either the G36 or the special 20mm upper firearm.


Primary OICW 20mm - Karl built a complete action with multiple cam rotating bolt head, magazine and feeding system so that the fake 20mm cartridges (with a Swanson .357 blank inside) would cycle out of the weapon.


Secondary OICW - this was made with a Micro Uzi pistol embedded in the upper movie prop shell. A long UZI magazine was modified to slide inside the prop magazine. The lower part of the weapon is a G36, as in the primary.


A special selector was made to transfer trigger pull from firing the G36 to the Micro Uzi.


Both OICWs had the same basic shell approximating the original.